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Physician: Dr Nicola Willis

Patient Information: 37 year old skin type II female (2 previous pregnancies)

Height: 162cm

Weight: 66.5kg

BMI: 25.3

Procedure: BodyTite to Anterior Abdomen and flanks

Sessions: 1 Session

Anaesthesia: Local.  Tumescent: 2% lignocaine plus 1mg adrenaline in 500ml Hartmanns solution. Total infused 2 Litres

Handpiece: 40W BodyTite

Settings: Ext 42.     Int 70

Energy Delivered: 

Anterior Abdomen:  4 areas, 2 above umbilicus, 2 below. 3 levels    targeted. 5KJ on average per level per area.  60 KJ total.

Flanks: 2 levels each side. Energy delivered  10 KJ each side. Total 20KJ

Total for procedure: 80KJ 

Followed by Liposuction using: 2 mm 3 orif cannula 1300ml from Anterior abdomen, 200ml each flank. TOTAL 1700

Followed by MORPHEUS 8: 24pin 62MJ Fixed 1.5 PPS Total pulses 1033

Physician: Hannah Depledge (RGN) at Eterno Aesthetics Sheffield

Patient: 28 Year Old Female, Skin Type: II

Procedure: 2 Morpheus8 Treatments in combination with topical ZO skincare protocol for severe acne, including tretanoin. 

Energy level: 35-50

Number of shots: 246-420 and 2 passes for each treatment 

Depth: 2mm-3mm for cheeks and jawline

Results: At the start of her journey, the patient suffered with severe hormonal acne.  The skin was preconditioned with ZO Skin Health for around three months and when the majority of the active acne had cleared she was left with red pigmented scarring and some pitting to the skin. Now, her skin is brighter and firmer, the scarring has vastly improved in both texture and colour. The scars are flatter and the purple pigmented lesions are much lighter. The patient is thrilled, and described the results as life changing.  Her confidence has vastly improved as a result. A third treatment was planned but due to covid this had to be postponed. 

Physician: Cheryl Pullen (RGN) at Calla Aesthetics 

Patient: AGE 55 Female Skin Type: II

Procedure: 3 Morpheus8 Treatments (24 pins), 6 weeks apart

Energy level: 40 -55 kj 

Number of shots: 430 - 685 

Depth: 2mm-4mm neck/chin/jawline

Anaesthesia: Local 

Physician:        Sian from Aesthetically You

Patient Information:    Skin type III female

Patient Objectives:    To feel more confident in her Zoom meetings during lockdown, and to achieve a tighter jawline and improvement of eye bags 

Procedure:        Morpheus8 24 pin + Morpheus8 Prime

Sessions:        3 Sessions Morpheus8-face and neck/1 session Morpheus8 Prime

Anaesthesia:        Topical



Tip:            24 pins / 12 pins

Depth:            3mm / 2mm

Energy:            44kj / 22kj

Shots:            755 / 345

Results:            18 weeks

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